Produto n.º: AD85
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Technical specifications

Model BTS-902EN
Length 150 mm
Aperture 45 mm
Magnification 30×
Image Upright
Field of view 1°30'
Minimum focusing distance 1.5 m
Distance measurement
Reflectorless measurement range 200 m/350 m
Single prism measurement range 5 km
Measurement accuracy ±(2 mm + 2ppm•D)
Measurement time
Fine mode 1.8 s(initial 2.5 s)
Fast mode 0.9 s(initial 2.5 s)
Tracking mode 0.4 s(initial 1.6 s)
Atmospheric correction Input parameter automatically correction
Prism constant correction Input parameter automatically correction
Angle measurement
Measurement mode Absolute coding
Signal collection mode 2 signals for horizontal, 1 signal for vertical
Accuracy 2"
Minimum reading 1"/5"/10"
Diameter of circles 0.1"
Display LCD, 2 sides
Memory 50000, 2GB SD card
Sensor Biaxial automatic compensation
Compensation range ±3'
Setting accuracy ±1"
Data communication
Data output interface RS232C
Plate level 30"/2 mm
Circular level 8'/2 mm
Battery 2500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Operating time 5 h
Voltage 7.2V
Dimensions 207 mm×217 mm×352 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Water and dust resistance IP66