Twin Tuner Azbox Bravissimo HD receiver

Produto n.º: AD277
Preço normal: R$650,00
Preço (sem impostos): R$350,00
Preço (incluindo impostos): R$528,00
Desconto: R$122,00 (18%)


Premium HD Linux Combo (DVB S2 / DVB-T) WLAN 
1CA , 2 USB 2.0 PVR , 1 DVB-S2 , LAN  (WIFI is possible by  USB WIFI dongle) 
WI-FI , UNI RCU , SATA HDD external power supply 
s/w  is same , boot is possible extended for DVB-T , DVB-C tuner like Combo for PREMIUM HD+ (plus) DVB-T , DVB-C , DVB-S like TWIN tuner  

It support the following function: Blind Scan, File Browser, TV/ Radio Reception

Web Browser, Media Player, YouTube Player, Full High Definition format 1080P


Linux as the operating system 
PVR (recording) internal or external 
WLAN (wireless to Internet) 
NG RACE GoGo List (online station list update) 
Support video portals such as YouTube and other video 
Audio & Music portals 
RSS feeds 
1080p resolution 
Smart Tuner Support 
DVB-S2 / S, DVB-T2 / T (DVBs2 and DVB-T from the factory) 
GO GO List function (Intelligent Channel sorting) 
MPEG4 HD and fully DVB compatible 
11 digit VFD display 
3 Front panel buttons (Power, channel up, channel down) 
7 day EPG 7 day EPG 
Personal Video Recorder: 
Function time shift (pause and play live TV, time-recording of programs) 
Receiver streaming (audio / video and radio) 
Video On Demand 
Wireless and RJ45 connection Wirelessly over WLAN and via RJ45 connection 
Web interface for remote control of the receiver's 
Update on the Internet, USB and serial port for update 
Web browser 
RSS newsreader 
E-mail client (POP Only) 
Media Player : 
Audio formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, WMA, Ogg Vobis 
Video: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, DivX, XviD, MKV, AVI SSF (incl support subtitles) 
Video-Audio A¨¹flösung: MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Part 10 AVC/H.264 HD, HPL4.0 1920x1080 50Hz 
(MPEG-2 transport stream specification ISO/IEC13818) 
Input: max 90 MB /sec 
Aspect ratio: 4:3, Letterbox, 16:9, Pan & Scan 
In / Out connectors 
1 Smart Card Reader 
2 x USB 2.0 (left side and front panel) 
HDD LAN via Samba 
IDE hard disk can be installed internally 
Digital Optical output 
HDMI port 
YUV / YUV Component Out / Component output 
UHF connection 
Physical properties: 
Size: 170x130x30mm 
Storage Temperature: -20 C ~ 75 C 
Power: 90 VAC ~ 240 VAC power switch 
Max 40 Watt

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