Produto n.º: AD327
Preço normal: R$850.000,00
Preço (sem impostos): R$680.000,00
Preço (incluindo impostos): R$700.000,00
Desconto: R$150.000,00 (17%)
The QY12D431 truck crane, which is developed independently to adapt to the market demands, is a new-generation and high-performance product integrating our company many years’ manufacturing experience with advanced technologies. Its performances such as lifting height, boom length, working speed and lifting capacity have achieved advanced international level.
The truck crane, with spacious cabandcompact decoration, adopts full slewing system, 4-section telescopic boom sections, unique manual proportional control system and self-made semi-width special purpose chassis with three axles. 6×4 drive provides the crane with good driving performance and flexible steering. The engine complies with the National Stage III emission standard.
The system with latest load feedback hydraulic operated proportional directional control valve and quadruple gear pump, and the safety devices fitted in hydraulic system, such as relief valve, balance valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve etc., prevents the oil line from overloading and the accidents caused by oil pipe breakage and makes full use of the working capacity of each actuating mechanism. Thus the reliability and safety of the crane are increased.